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Our team:

Having been in the corporate sector, we know how the current workplace has changed our lifestyles. We also have had our fair share of having experienced the health implications of a sedentary lifestyle. When we decided to take things in our hand, we established a fitness regime and saw our life transform remarkably. The people around us started noticing the marked gain in our energy levels and better focus in our workplace. We saw how quickly our bodies changed. We also saw that physical exercises besides making us physically fit, also improved our mental health. That is when we decided to create awareness and to encourage our fellow professionals to get active.

That is how our gym was started. With a mission to offer the most flexible fitness programs designed keeping the corporate professionals in mind. We also have meditation and yoga sessions for stress management.

Our gym is open all year round. You can access our facilities 24/7. So it doesn’t matter whether you work day shifts or night shifts. You can always hit the gym now without a worry. Our very friendly front desk customer care team is always there to explain you the various fitness programs we offer. You can also give us a call on our customer care helpline. The lines are live all through the day.

The personal trainers and dieticians:
We have a large team of qualified professional trainers. Be it personal training or group training, we have the best of trainers to help you achieve your goals. They are here to train you, motivate you and monitor your progress so that you can be fit and fine in no time. We also have a team of certified dieticians to help chart out your diet schedule. You have the flexibility to choose whether or not you want a diet chart but we recommend you have one for better results.

The following are some of the facilities we offer. The list is not an exhaustive one. Facilities:

  • Fully-equipped weight training zone
  • Cardio workout area
  • Group fitness class facilities
  • Zumba classes
  • Pilates studio
  • Yoga classes
  • Steam room
  • Personal trainer

We also have an in-house dietician to work with your instructor to help device your diet plan to make the best of your fitness routine. The diet counselling and diet chart come as part of your membership.

We also arrange for childcare facilities for the parents who register with us. Children’s fitness and yoga classes are held on the weekends. Get in touch with our front desk to know about the standard membership plans available and for any other queries that you may have. With our gyms spread all over the country, finding the one nearest to you should be easy. Your membership allows you to use our gyms in all the locations. So no matter where you are, head on to the nearest branch of our gym.

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